The Lord Jesus personally appeared to paralyzed Jianxiu Fan. He didn’t care that the hut was dirty, He cares about human lives. Likewise, when Mother Xu was about to be killed when she was young, the Lord Jesus personally appeared to Mother Xu to save her. Jesus has always been merciful to humble sinners. No matter how humble and poor people seem to be, their life is precious to Jesus!

Mother Xu lived joyfully for the Lord all her life, obeyed the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and was zealous for the gospel all over the mountains and plains. When I saw that her eldest son became a preacher 3 years after her death- and that Momodum has its first church and became the “village of Gospel”- my tears were rushing out. A small mustard seed, relying on the power of God, became the blessing of many.

The story of Mother Xu is really amazing! We really see the wonderful work of God’s power in full display in her life! Outwardly, her appearance and circumstances are not lovable, perhaps even disgusting, yet, when the power of God was manifested in her, she lived out an inner life full of faith, hope and love!

I love Grandma Xu (I think it is more fit for me to call her Grandma Xu) so much! She is so simple, so content and full of joy; she loves Jesus so much! I love Grandma Fan as well; after she was touched by Jesus, she accepted the love and care from Grandma Xu, she also learned to express her needs and concerns about Grandma Xu. Every time they called each other “sister” over the wall, they truly expressed their connection to each other. They were members of the same body: when one suffered, the other suffered too.

What touched me the most was that Grandma Xu put down everything and came to Grandma Fan, where she stayed for 8-10 years. Her commitment, her joy, her patience,and her victory was shown forth because she was with Jesus and Jesus was with her. She lived life on earth as if she was in heaven. Such a living testimony of Jesus’ life is so important, for she lightened the people around her. May I also become a life for Jesus like Grandma Xu: One who loves Jesus, and One who works with Jesus.


Mother Xu acted on God’s reminder to His children that we must overcome all the obstacles from Satan and sufferings, fully master the truths in the Bible, be the doers of the Word and share the gospel throughout the world! The Lord endured great suffering for loving us and set an example for us to follow.


What touched me the most wast when Mother Xu prayed for Jianxiu Fan, and she said it’s wasn’t that she loved Jianxiu Fan, but that Jianxiu Fan loved her. From our standpoint, it was Mother Xu who sacrificed herself to take care of Jianxiu Fan, yet she said it was Jianxiu Fan who loved her. This is a life that is humbled to love God and to please God. Today, I often have the opposite attitude: I am self-centered, I am right, I want to be comfortable when I am giving… May God have mercy on me, and help me to deny myself and to live completely for the Lord.


Somebody asked a very good question last time: Since the Lord Jesus is God, why does He need to carry water and boil it for Jianxiu Fan? According to our understanding about gods in mythology, the Lord Jesus could easily perform a miracle for Jianxiu Fan and heal her. Why didn’t He take away their suffering? If the Lord performed a healing miracle at that time, many people in the village would have believed in the Lord Jesus at that time!

Our Lord did not perform a miracle to heal Jianxiu Fan, yet I saw God’s love for those who are abandoned. God’s love for each of us is so pure. He loves Jianxiu Fan as who she is. He doesn’t even use his love for Jianxiu Fan to achieve the goal of preaching the gospel. Jianxiu Fan is a real weak person in the eyes of the Lord, someone abandoned even by her own children, but our Lord embraced her. Even though He didn’t perform miracles for Jianxiu Fan, He showed her a real God, and a real man, as real as Mother Xu. The Gospel is our Lord Jesus Himself: His birth, crucifixion, and resurrection!

I thank God for being able to watch Mother Xu’s testimony. When I saw the scenes of people gathering to praise God, I knew there were actually many more people who lived in the remote villages that have the same kind of simple and pure faith and love for the Lord, just like Mother Xu did.

Often for us us, who live in a very comfortable environment, it would be hard for us to do what Mother Xu did because that’s something God specially prepared for her and something we can’t imitate. But we can all seek God, make HIM the Lord of our life, and learn to live out our faith in our own circumstances.

On May 5, 2018, at the Orlando Christian International Film Festival, USA, featured many excellent shortlisted works such as the Explosive RealD 3D cinematography of GENESIS from US, the documentary film about the North Korean underground beliefs, the film about the 70th anniversary of the founding of Israel, etc.  Among the outstanding works, a documentary about Chinese rural Christians won four important nominations: best documentary, best director, best inspirational story, and best trailer.
In the end, “Song of the Wilderness” won the most important “Best Documentary Award” of this time.
Three months later, on August 5, at the Great Lakes Film Festival in Buffalo, New York, the film once again won the Best Director Award.
What a phenomenal story this is.  I was touch by it, I was so inspired to get the word out.  Huayu, I know you will be happy after our awards ceremony, you have some nominations in several categories, including “Best Director for Documentary”.  Thank you so much for doing that.  It’s a sacrifice and thank you for submitting it to our festival, that was a blessing.  I encourage anybody else who has a festival or have an opportunity to screen this film in a church or any kind of setting.  This is ministry, this is missions, this is evangelism, all wrapped up in this film.